Well I'm new to the forums and I was looking into some water cooling mods for my new build I am currently working on. As it stands I plan to start diving into becoming a real enthusiast and plan to OC my CPU && GPU's so here is my current build. None of these parts have been purchased yet with the exception of the case and the peripherals. I would like to stick to a Blue/Black/Cyan theme and am open to suggestions to make a machine that not only looks sick but can also crash through anything I throw at it. So if you can think of any way to make this thing better then let me know. I am limited to a 3,000$ budget. I would prefer to do custom water cooling vs getting a H100i. The water cooling can be a work in progress as I want to water cool much more than the CPU.

3000$ Limit applies to anything marked with " * ".
*Processor: AMD 9590 (Not OC'd)
*RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw X 32GB (4x 8GB sticks)
*GPU's: 2x 780ti (Not OC'd)
*Monitors: 3x 24" Ben Q "1ms" 120Hz
Tower: Thermaltake Chaser A71
KB: Razer Deathstalker Cherry-MX Blue
Mouse: Logitech G600