Good night (for me atleast right now),

I am Mark "Nastyalcoholic" van Laar, and i'm from the Netherlands.
as most people around here (I guess), i'm not new to computer building, but i am relative new to liquid/watercooling and modding.
found a vid on youtube from newsegg and made me wonder.

My current setup (not really fancy imo):

CPU - i7 3930K @3.2MHz(not overclocked turbo runs 4Mhz i think)
Motherboard - Asus P9X79 Pro
Grapicscard - EVGA GTX 780 SC SLi
RAM - 16 GB of corsair Vengeance DDR3 Stuff. (can't really remember what kind)
1 HDD of 500GB and 1 HDD of 2TB
My current CPU cooler is a Corsair H80i
PSU - Corsair AX850 full modulair
Current case is a piece of **** (cooler master elite 431, almost got no space on it also cable management is a *&^%$ in it), upgrading tomorrow or the day after into a bitfenix colossus window (its so shiny).
What else is there to put? my monitors ? sure, 1 samsung Syncmaster S27B350 (1920x1080) and a iiyama Prolite E2409HDS.
Headset? well if you really want to know its a Logitech G930 (and a logitech 5.1 surround sound Z506.

And I guess thats it.
Any other questions/tips always welcome to run even beter, smoother etc, always welcome.

Talk to you later!

Mark "Nastyalcoholic" van Laar