I would like to paint my NZXT Phantom Full Tower Plastic Enthusiast case, but was wondering if anyone would know how to do a specific design. The best way i can describe it would be a 'rustic fade to mesh.' Here is a bit of a photo that I found that really suites what I mean.

Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	1260 (Minus the mesh part- i know how to do that part)

I was wondering if there would be anyone here that could tell me how i could achieve a look like above or something similar to it.

I had a few ideas(Spray paint):

Paint 2-3 coats of black as background, then lightly apply 2 coats of blue and using about 600 grit sand paper sand lightly away at the blue.

I really do not know how to achieve this, and i have no 'state of the art' tools to work with. Any comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!